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Samuel Phillips Law Blog

Month: April 2019


Better Rights for ‘Gig Economy’ Workers

In an effort to improve the rights of casual or more commonly termed ‘Gig Economy’ workers the European Parliament has approved new minimum terms.


Pimlico Plumbers Payout Blocked

Plumbing and heating engineer Gary Smith was successful at the Supreme Court where he was able to assert his rights as an employee rather than a “gig worker” during a tenure where he was encouraged to engage as a self-employed contractor.


Employment Law Changes – April 2019

Details behind the important employment law changes that will apply to employers in the UK in April 2019.


Brexit Endgame

What of the future of employment legislation in the UK post Brexit?  A topic worth reminding ourselves of as we enter into the final chapter of what has been a tortuous, protracted and fraught process.

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