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Samuel Phillips Law Blog

Month: September 2019


Brexit – The Final Countdown

They do say a week is a long time in politics...and boy after last week's political maelstrom they are not kidding. As it happens, we had prepared the following article ahead of the events and as we now know, matters have somewhat shifted.


The Importance of Discovering and Handling the Truth

What to do if an employee hides the true reason for their absences. In a recent case [A Ltd vs Z] an employee was highlighted as having a poor absence record and this fact was questioned by a new employer.


Pet-ernity Leave?

We are a nation of pet lovers, dogs, cats, ponies or pygmy bunnies. So, what happens when that longstanding pet passes and you’re left with a large or not so large hole in the family home?

Wills, Probate & Trust

Making your Will? Don’t be like Aretha – make sure your wishes are shown a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Aretha Franklin died on 16 August 2018. Just over a year later there are still ongoing court proceedings about her Will… or should that be Wills. 

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