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Samuel Phillips Law Blog

Month: February 2022


Suspension Pending Investigation

We look at the “What, Why, When and How” of suspending an employee pending an investigation.


Putting an ESG in Place

An outline of the key steps to take in establishing your Environmental Social and Governance policy.


Platinum Party for All?

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee introduces another bank holiday to the calendar. Question is, will your employees be entitled to take the day off on full pay?

Family Law

Cohabitation Agreement & Joint Ownership

In the previous 12 months, owing to Covid-19 and the Stamp Duty holiday, there has been a property boom, and this appears to show no signs of stopping with the housing market remaining extremely competitive. For couples moving in together or relocating to a new family home it will no doubt be an exciting time and there will be a variety of important decisions to be made. Should we laminate or carpet the house? Which utility provider should we choose? Will the spare room be a guest room or home gym?

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