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For a ha’porth of tar the ship was lost or penny wise pound foolish

Employment Contract

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

How many of you recruit someone for £30,000 – £50,000 or more.

You go through first and second interviews, maybe you pay a recruitment agent.  You have proper “on boarding” processes as they are now called.

But then what do you rely upon?

A contract downloaded from the internet or worse a template copied from someone else.

Would you entrust your £50,000 car to a 5p security system, or worse, someone else’s.

So here are a few questions you might care to answer:

  1. Does your contract provide for agile home working, or flexible hours at home. Bearing in mind Covid and its changes.
  2. How do you decide when someone works at home or in the office. What do you do if they say it’s not safe in the office, or to travel there.
  3. What data protection measures do you have for work information stored at the employee’s home. Files in the porch or bedroom.
  4. What separation is there between personal and work information on mobile phones or laptops – in fact, whose property are they?
  5. What provision is there requiring someone to take holidays and stop “back-ending” them. Oh dear.  Lockdown is lifted and everyone wants to take 6 weeks holidays in under 6 months.

Those are the easy ones.  What about second jobs or outside interests and investments?  What’s to stop a former employee taking clients or staff, or joining the competition and then using knowledge of what you do to undercut you?  Hmmm.  Thought not.

We advise people about workplace situations every day.  Every time, do you know the first thing we ask to see?  No.  It’s not the colour of the money.  Yes.  It is the contract.

Think about it and act!  It’s business critical.


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