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Family Law

Love bombing now recognised as a form of domestic abuse by the CPS

hearts coming out of a bomb

Friday, May 5, 2023

The Crown Prosecution Service have recently updated their guidance relating to stalking, harassment and controlling and coercive behaviour to officially include love bombing.  This will mean love bombing is recognised as a behaviour linked to abuse and could protect victims in the early stages of what may transpire to be an abusive relationship.

Love bombing is a form of abuse that can sometimes be mistaken for behaviour which seems affectionate and loving. This behaviour occurs in the early stages of the relationship and is sometimes known as the ‘honeymoon period.’ Unfortunately, love bombing is a manipulative dating tactic, and the intense affection makes the recipient feel dependent upon the abuser.  Some of the characteristics can include but are not exclusive to; excessive and unnecessary gifting; constant praising or flattery; and intense conversations about the future.

After the relationship commences, the abuser will soon withdraw their affection and extend their behaviour to gaslighting or even physical abuse. The abuser will continue to manipulate their partner to remain in the relationship.

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