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Family Law

Managing Divorce/Family Breakdown

Thursday, March 30, 2023

There is no way around it, divorce/separation is one of the most difficult life events.  In 2021, there were 113,505 divorces (Office for National Statistics) granted in England and Wales, a high figure, possibly accounted for by lockdown.  It is felt that figure will have decreased by about 3%, but it still shows that you are not alone and in this world that we live in, relationship breakdowns are far from uncommon.

Relationship breakdown is bad enough but then there is the  uncertainty of what the future looks like; how much money you are going to have, what is going to happen to the children, what is going to happen to the business the car, the pet and so on?

What you need is information.  You need to know your legal position and what your options are for resolving the issues.  When I meet with a new client for the first time, I go through what I call my “birds eye” meeting which is a complete overview of their situation from a legal and practical perspective and ends with possible range of outcomes along with a roadmap of how to get to where we hope to be.

There is no formula in a divorce situation for outcomes.  What you need is an experienced lawyer to give you guidance as to a range of possible outcomes.  Clients feel once they have that guidance, they are much better informed and in particular, a route map to how to resolve the issues gives people considerable comfort when everything feels so uncertain.

We give our clients ideas as to how they can sort the situation out and timelines.  We also give our clients a very clear understanding as to the likely costs based upon our experience looking after clients in similar situations.  It really is a case of knowledge is power.  Feedback after that first meeting is always exceptionally positive.  Clients say they leave the room knowing some much more and feeling like there is a way to sort out what appeared to be intractable and sometimes very hostile issues.

The cost of living crisis makes everything even more difficult but again, we have been here before in 2007/2008.  We provide you with options but above all, provide you with a solution and that is backed up both by our external contacts in the financial service industry, forensic accountants, mortgage advisors, estate agents, and healthcare professionals but also the other services provided by Samuel Phillips Law including company law, commercial and residential property law and wills.

If you need any personal guidance with regards to any issues regarding separation or divorce, contact our friendly and supportive Family Law team in the strictest of confidence on 0191 232 8451 or email

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