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Redundancy Selection Criteria – KISS

Redundancy Criteria

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Redundancy selection criteria is one of the most contentious areas within redundancy.  It need not be.  As the acronym suggests “keep it simple stupid”.

You can have objective criteria (eg attendance).  You can have subjective criteria (eg attitude).  In effect, as long as the criteria you select are not utter drivel eg “karma” that is fine.  The key issue is to draw up clear guidelines of what you mean and how you score with examples.

An example – flexibility.  Think about an individual who objects to helping out, who goes above and beyond normal requirements of the job, who adapts to new systems and even improves them.  Then think about individuals who never do it, occasionally, regularly and all the time.  Finally think of some examples and then score.

My suggestion is for a mixed objective and subjective matrix of about five criteria.  I would always recommend including “performance” and giving this category additional weighting.  Achievement of targets here is something clearly measurable and easy to score.

Draw up the criteria.  Establish the guidelines.  Set out the scoring mechanism.  Put in the narrative and then add up the scores.

That then is the document you share with the employee and about which you consult when selecting.


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