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Flexible Furlough Scheme

1 July is the day that the Flexible Furlough Scheme starts. Those who have been on furlough and are going to remain on furlough do not require anything.  Leave them alone. To those you are intending to potentially return to work under the Flexible Furlough Scheme either part time or increasing hours or flexible hours then there needs to be a Flexible Furlough Agreement issued and preferably signed.


Latest update on the Self-Employment Income Support & Flexible Furlough Schemes

Read our factsheet article to get the lowdown on the Coronavirus Job Retention and Self-Employment Income Support Schemes.


Office Health & Safety Issues after Lockdown

Things will never be the same... that’s the conclusion people are coming to during this enforced period of lockdown. It’s important therefore to assess the impact of new technology and new ways of working when considering the future after lockdown. What will the office structure of the future look like? What will be the new "normal"?


Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Online Portal to go live on 20th April 2020

The Parliamentary Select Committee made an announcement yesterday (Wednesday 8th April 2020) that HMRC’s online portal for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme will open on 20th April 2020 with a view to the first payments being made to employer’s on 30th April 2020. Please do ensure that your online PAYE is functioning and up to date.


How to Respond if Someone Exhibits Coronavirus Symptoms at Work

Firstly, ensure that your managers and supervisors are all aware of the key signs and symptoms of Covid-19. Brief them as to the protocol to follow when a member of staff exhibits Covid-19 symptoms. You should identify any members of your workforce who would fall under the “social shielding” category despite the fact these individuals will have had a letter requesting them to be isolated for 12 weeks they may still be coming to work. These members of staff may have underlying health issues that are not obvious.


Covid-19 – Job Retention Scheme or “Furlough”

The UK Government’s response to support both business and the employed has been an unprecedented move to help shore up the economy amidst the unfolding crisis of the Coronavirus pandemic. One primary initiative is the very American sounding “Furlough” as part of a job retention scheme. Furlough is indeed a US term used to describe a leave of absence. In terms of the UKs response to Covid-19 it aims to offer employers a practical option to retain staff whilst the country enters and works through its “lockdown” phase of social distancing to limit the spread of the virus.


Frequently Asked Questions regarding Furlough Leave

Good afternoon Pop Pickers! Further to Robert’s vlog; here are the top 6 frequently asked questions that we’ve been asked in the last couple of weeks about furlough leave.


To close or not to close?

Some businesses have been ordered by HM Government to close, e.g. pubs, clubs, restaurants, leisure facilities. Some have been permitted to stay open supermarkets, petrol stations, chemists etc, but may have elected to close anyway on an individual basis.


Ethical Veganism – a “philosophical belief”

Jordi Casamitjana claimed he was sacked by the League Against Cruel Sports because of his ethical veganism.  The employer however states that he was dismissed for gross misconduct and the ruling has no effective bearing on the decision to sack their Head of Policy & Research.


Testing…testing…1,2,3 – Employee Espionage

Technology has its role in the workplace, but should an employer be on the receiving end of its use if a phone or other device is used to secretly record meetings? 

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