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Why Not to Post Your Children Online

Thursday, May 25, 2023

In 2022 it was found that 4.62 billion people use social media, and a lot of these users are likely to share information about their lives online and their children’s. For example, you may post photos of your new baby, your child’s first day at school and school performances. Though these are exciting events, and you are desperate to show your friends on social media, the real dangers of posting these images are not always known.

This blog breaks down some of the dangers of posting images of children online.


You should have concerns surrounding how other people may react to your posts. Though some may receive it well, others may use your posts as a tool to bully your child if they find certain posts embarrassing. Even if the post is deleted, your digital footprint remains, and the posts can be retraced. Multiple likes and shares can send an image around the world and once someone has saved this image, you will never be able to remove it. This could mean even if you deleted the post people can still use it in the future to bully your child.

Social media may attract dangerous people

Photos of your children can be used for illegal and disturbing activities. When posting an innocent photo of your child, this is one of the last thoughts you may have but, there is the risk that these images can be posted on areas of the internet such as the ‘dark web’ and used for criminal activities.

There may be key indicators included in the post which show which school your child attends and where they like to spend their spare time which could increase the risk of a dangerous person locating your child.

However, there are ways to protect your children from the dangers of social media. Some of the ways to reduce the risks include:

  • Check your social media privacy settings and restrict shares and views of the photos to ‘friends only’
  • Review a photo before you post it, are there any indicators from the photo to show where your child attends school or other ways they can be identified?
  • Do not post nude photos or semi-nude photos of your children.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to any of the issues raised in this blog please do not hesitate to contact the Family Team at Samuel Phillips Law by emailing or calling 0191 232 8451.

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