Specialist advice and representation on employment law and HR matters backed by insurance to protect against the risk of an Employment Tribunal claim.

How it works

  • You have an employment problem in the business
  • You have dedicated access to our employment law solicitors by telephone, email or person
  • You obtain and follow our advice as HR/employment law issues emerge
  • Should a claim arise the same solicitor represents you in the Employment Tribunal
  • Legal fees and any damages/costs of settlement are met by the insurer
  • You receive all of this for a fixed monthly retainer for HR & employment law advice which is tax deductible and
  • An annual insurance premium depending upon the size of organisation and wage roll
  • Membership of the scheme comes with an audit of your contracts, policies and procedures
  • We also offer bespoke training on an optional basis

Benefits of the Employment Protection Scheme

  • Immediate access to skilled employment lawyers
  • Latest HR and employment law news in our monthly newsletter
  • Indemnity for claims up to £100,000 per claim
  • For a budgeted fixed tax deductible fee, you eliminate damaging and costly claims
  • Peace of mind!

How much will it cost?

Tier 1 - up to 2 hours legal advice £200 per month + VAT
Tier 2 - up to 3 hours legal advice £275 per month + VAT
Tier 3 - unlimited legal advice £350 per month + VAT

There is no carry over of unused time from month to month.

There is also an insurance premium which is a bespoke quote based on number of employees, wage roll and claims history.

For further details, contact Martha Craven by email via marthacraven@samuelphillips.co.uk or call 0191 255 0226.